What is affidavit? Should it be stamped?

Affidavits are demanded by government offices, Schools, Colleges even employers regularly. Sometimes we are asked to only sign on the affidavit and t submit the same but sometimes we are asked to have the affidavit notarised first and only then are they accepted. It is often confusing let’s understand the document a bit better.

What is an affidavit?

Remember the times when you were little and innocent and if some candies were found to be missing you and your friends were quick to swear on either your mother’s or your favourite cartoon’s name that you did not take it. Affidavit is the same thing, well almost, but in writing and instead of putting your mother’s or cartoon’s lives in danger you are punishable by law if what you say is found to be false. More particularly under Indian Penal Code and also under certain other laws if the said affidavit is filed in court.

Should it be stamped?

Yes and No. It depends where you need the affidavit to be submitted. If the affidavit is for any government office or court within the state of Maharashtra then there is no need to purchase either stamp paper or franking as per the Gazette issued by the Maharashtra state government on July 1, 2004. If it is for private offices or institutions then you will have to, tough luck.

Why is an affidavit notarised, is it compulsory?

Notarisation of an affidavit is done by notary public. You sign in the register he/she maintains. Your affidavit gets stamped and signed by the notary public. It means that he/she was a witness to your oath and now you are can’t run from it. This kind of notarisation is termed as “before me”. There are other types but it is not part of the topic at hand. Hope you got all the information that you came here for. Thank you for reading.

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