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How could awesome people like you have help in getting your name entered in property tax records?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration for mutation process?

The actual duration could vary from 30 to 60 working days depending upon complexity of your case.

Are there any charges for property tax records mutation?

Yes. Generally the said charges are around 500 Rs. However the said charges could vary subject to the region.

The property area mentioned on the property tax receipt is wrong, I wish to increase/decrease the area, what is the process for that?

Changing area of the property requires that an assessor from the office visit your property and make necessary assessment (measurements). Post that if the actual area of the property is found to be different from the area mentioned on the tax bill then the property area will be rectified on  your property tax receipt.

Do I have to be personally present for visit’s to property tax office?

In majority of cases you need not be personally present, your documents are essential for mutation process.

There is some amount of property tax which is unpaid, will I have to pay the tax before making an application?

Yes, the officials insist upon a No Dues certificate, which can be obtained after payment of all balance property tax.

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