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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to provide original documents for drafting or registration?

For drafting of your documents, photocopies, scanned documents and/or clear snapshots are sufficient. However original documents are sometimes required for verification by the legal expert drafting the document and/or by the concerned sub registrar registering your document.

What is the duration involved?

Yes. Generally the said charges are around 500 Rs. However the said charges could vary subject to the region.

The property area mentioned on the property tax receipt is wrong, I wish to increase/decrease the area, what is the process for that?

From the day of receiving all documents from you, the duration for drafting is 3-6 days and registration is completed in a single day, provided no technical issues arise with the concerned office at the day of registration.

Do I have to be personally present for stamp duty valuation and/or property registration?

Your presence is not required for stamp duty valuation however for property registration your or your attorneys presence is required before the concerned sub registrar. Online registrations are limited to leave and license registration presently in Maharashtra.

Besides buyer and seller do we need other people to be present too?

Two witnesses are required for the purpose of document registration.

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