Stamp Duty Refund Application Rejected?

Not everyone is aware of all rules or formalities concerned with a government procedure. As it is known to happen, sometimes people end up submitting the stamp duty refund application a bit late than the stipulated time or they do not meet certain specifications as prescribed by the revenue department. Some office/s out rightly deny to accept such application/s while others do accept them but naturally convey the rejection for the application via official letter.

If you have received such a rejection letter, you may have a bit of a hope for rejoicing. You may appeal to IGR Pune and escalate the said case to the Inspector General of Registration. A case which has been appealed is reconsidered by the IGR and has a fair chance of being decided in your favour if you could provide sufficient evidence/s. You do not need a lawyer for submission of an appeal, you could do it yourself after carefully examining the appeal format and then creating an appeal with the help of data operator/s. Ensure that you provide all the documentary evidence alongwith the appeal.
There are no fees required to be paid while submitting of the appeal with the IGR office. You will be required to affix a court fee of 10rs on the Appeal Application. Good luck.

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